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Why Healthy Code is Important in Web Development

Healthy Code quality measures how well a code communicates to the developers. Similar software may have some differences in code from developer to developer, but what really matters is the quality of the code remains the same. A healthy code means clear, simple, bug-free, well-tested, documented, refactored, and performant. However, the primary measure of a healthy code depends on the needs of the company.

Evaluating the quality of code, on the other hand, can be complicated as parameters vary in accordance with the company’s demand. Key metrics to measure the quality of a code are reliability, testability, portability, maintainability, and reusability.

Code quality is one of the necessary measures while developing a website but it is ignored many times. This results in poor software quality. According to the State Code of Review, the main argument on why a developer ignores the quality of code is because of their workload. Another reason why developers ignore code review activities is that it is time-consuming and tedious to perform.

Now that we’ve found out what is code quality and how it’s being ignored, let’s discuss some of the importance of healthy code in web development.

Healthy Code Makes Software Powerful

End-users find it uncomfortable getting a strange message when they do something wrong in software. The good thing about powerful software is that it can cope with errors during execution in spite of unusual conditions. High-quality software has clear error messages for end-users.

Increases Readability

Having healthy codes means making sure that codes are written in a way that makes them highly readable. Code editing is a more comfortable job with good quality code as they are easy to implement and read changes.

Easy Transferability

Using healthy code makes the translation of software across platforms straightforward. It is important to have uninterrupted transferability with minimal changes needed.

Program sustainability

A website is supposed to be sustainable when it can survive over time with few changes. With the constant development of operating programs, changes escalate. It’s challenging and sometimes impossible to carry out transformations if you’re using unhealthy code.


A clear and structured code lets a developer reuse the code whenever it’s needed. This extremely reduces the cost of the project along with the development effort and time exerted into it.

Improves efficiency

The performance and speed of the software directly affect efficiency. Avoiding unnecessary code can improve the efficiency of the website. No one wants to stay on a website that takes too long to perform a task.

Healthy code doesn’t happen by accident – a passionate developer team makes this happen. Poor code quality may lead to loss of money and waste of effort due to adjustments and modifications of the code. It’s the code quality that is the most crucial factor in the future success of a website. You can make use of automated code review tools to help you maintain the quality of your website and you may also try to comprise better coding standards across your company.

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