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WordSphere (BD Unit) Yearly Expedition in Darjeeling

Darjeeling’s beautiful landscape and pleasant climate make it a popular tourist destination year-round. This magnificent place boasts a perfect mixture of fog, mist, and rain amidst hills and mountains, creating a captivating ambiance. Moreover, the city is renowned for its large tea farms and excellent tea production, making it one of the most reputed tea destinations globally. Visiting Darjeeling feels like stepping into paradise.

Every year, WordSphere organizes a thrilling expedition for its team to visit enchanting locations. During this time of year, the event specifically focuses on exploring Darjeeling’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and spirituality. Our aim is to create unforgettable experiences during WordSphere (BD UNIT) expeditions. We have carefully crafted a schedule that showcases the beauty, charm, and allure of Darjeeling.

For the past two months, WordSphere has been brimming with excitement, and rightly so, as it marked the occasion of our Company’s Annual Trip! We embarked on a delightful five-day journey to Darjeeling, and we owe a million thanks to everyone who is a part of WordSphere’s family. We hope to continue working together for many more years, fostering a result-oriented environment and growing together as a team.

(At Burimari – The Border Area of Bangladesh)

Darjeeling, the queen of hills, a green paradise nestled among the mountains, awaited our arrival with open arms.

As the sun began to rise, WordSpheres were buzzing with activity, preparing for the long-awaited trip. Sharp at 6 pm, everyone gathered at the Kallyanpur bus stand, brimming with excitement and anticipation. Cheers erupted as the bus finally arrived, and we couldn’t wait to embark on our journey.

We welcomed our bus with thunderous cheers and set off on our much-awaited journey on the 17th of March from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, at 8.00 pm. The excitement in the air was palpable as we hit the road.

After traveling for about 6 hours, we made a well-deserved stop at a popular restaurant called “The Food Village” in Bogura. Situated beside the highway, this eatery is a favorite among travelers, known for its delectable dishes and tasty snacks. We enjoyed a satisfying dinner here, accompanied by cheerful chit-chat.

Refreshed and energized, we resumed our journey towards the border point of Bangladesh. The anticipation of reaching our destination, the queen of hills, Darjeeling, kept our spirits high throughout the ride.

After another long journey and a night’s rest, we finally reached Burimari, the border area of Bangladesh, around 5 in the morning. Once we arrived, we freshened up and had a delightful breakfast. Excitement filled the air as we captured memorable moments with photographs and had a great time at the local tea stall, savoring the local flavors.

Following our arrival at the border area, we proceeded towards the immigration center to complete the necessary formalities. We patiently waited in a long queue and followed the required procedures. Eventually, one by one, we crossed the border with the immigration seal stamped on our passports, marking the official entry into our destination.

(On the Eve of Crossing the Bangladesh Area – WordSphere BD Unit)

After entering the Indian area, we needed to change the bus because we had to leave the previous one at the Bangladesh border. Another bus from the same travel company was waiting for the passengers and started its journey towards Shiliguri. After a continuous 6-hour journey, we reached Shiliguri around 2.00 pm. Once we arrived, we took our lunch to refuel ourselves. Once we finished our meal, we roamed around for a while to overcome the journey fatigue and then hired 2 Sumo jeeps to take the whole team to Darjeeling Mall Road (railway station). These Sumo jeeps are specifically designed for travel in hilly areas.

(On the way from Siliguri to Darjeeling)

Siliguri – The Gateway to Darjeeling

The thrill and adventure of our journey began in Siliguri. The mountains reached for the sky, their massive size covered in lush greenery and adorned with a touch of clouds. The scenic beauty and pleasant weather overwhelmed every member of our team. At times, mist and fog would appear, as if welcoming us to their realm. Throughout this long journey, the entire team remained amazed and thrilled.

The road was well-maintained, flanked by trees on one side, while the other side revealed a deep canyon, filled with an abundance of trees. These breathtaking scenarios truly overwhelmed the entire team, filling us with joy and happiness.

Darjeeling, The Queen Of Hills

We reached ‘DARJEELING’ with its beautiful view of curved roads. En route, we took a short break for tea before arriving in Darjeeling. Standing in the clouds on the mountain road, we got drenched in the soft rain and witnessed the unique beauty created by nature. We also had the opportunity to enjoy Darjeeling tea.

In the evening, around 7.00 pm, we reached Darjeeling rail station amidst heavy rain. We stayed at the station and waited for our other team members. During that time, we booked a hotel and, after a few hours, we started walking through the rain towards the hotel. Finally, we checked in and felt restless to have a shower and get some rest after the long road journey. The hotel we booked, The Jai Hotel, seemed good and well-organized.

On the way to the hotel, the city appeared empty, with cold air and drizzling, creating a special atmosphere as if our team was embarking on a journey to discover a new era…

(Darjeeling Hill View From the Hotel Window)

After checking into the hotel, we all freshened up and went to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Despite feeling tired, we enjoyed some pleasant moments together, gossiping and having fun. Later on, we returned to our rooms and fell asleep, knowing that the next morning, we would begin our exploration of Darjeeling. Thoughts of the exciting days ahead filled our minds with anticipation.

Upon entering the hotel, we were in a hurry to freshen up and eagerly sought rest. After a restful sleep, we woke up early the next morning with numerous plans brewing in our minds – places to visit, things to do, and experiences to cherish.

The following morning, we all woke up with refreshed spirits and enjoyed a hearty breakfast with joyful minds.

The Mall Road

During breakfast at the Jai Hotel, we were all chatting, laughing, and giggling, enjoying each other’s company. However, our plans for the day were disrupted by continuous rain, rendering them futile. Once the rain subsided, we decided to venture out to the Mall Road.

At the Mall Road, we explored various shops and boutiques. Some of us couldn’t resist purchasing Shawls as souvenirs or for personal use, well aware of Darjeeling’s famous shawls. Amidst all this, we took a leisurely walk, further exploring the area, and capturing beautiful moments through numerous pictures.

We spent the entire day there, visiting all the shops and indulging in some shopping. During this time, we couldn’t resist trying the local food. At noon, we got so engrossed in our activities that we completely forgot about having our meal. It was only when someone reminded us that we suddenly realized how hungry we were. We promptly moved into a restaurant for lunch at 2.30 pm.

At the restaurant, we ordered the local delicacy called “Thali,” which consisted of various types of fish, mutton, vegetable dishes (known as vaji), and some mashed vegetables called “vorta.” We thoroughly enjoyed the diverse and delicious food items. After lunch, we returned to the hotel to rest and relax.

After taking some rest at the hotel, we went out in the evening to book cabs for the next day’s sightseeing and finalize our itinerary. We managed to book two cabs for the whole day and then tried some more local food. We tasted all kinds of momos here, which were really delicious. We had coffee together in a coffee shop and enjoyed the live local music, making us feel like we were transported to a different place filled with music and coffee. Later in the night, we finished our dinner with traditional Indian Bengali food and returned to the hotel.

After returning back to the base (hotel), we were all busy discussing the day, what we did, and what we missed, while sipping coke. Overnight, we were very excited about watching the sunrise from Tiger Hill in the morning, and as a result, most of us couldn’t sleep properly due to the excitement.

Moving Towards the Tiger-Hill

Finally, the time had come, and we all started our journey at 4 am to witness the sunrise from Tiger Hill. We left at 4 am and reached there by 5:40 AM. Upon reaching Tiger Hill, it was a challenging climb for everyone to reach the top and witness the heavenly view. After some time, we managed to make it to the top, but it was very cold, with fog and winds everywhere, and the visibility was poor due to the soft rain. Unfortunately, the thick fog and clouds obstructed the sunrise, and we couldn’t witness it.

After spending some time there, we drank coffee to warm up, took some photos, and then headed back to our cab for the next destination, Batasia Loop.

Batasia Loop

Batasia Loop is located just below Ghum station, approximately 5 km (3.1 miles) from Darjeeling Town. Originally constructed by the British Government to improve train communication with a balanced gradient, it has now become a popular tourist spot over the years. This place has transformed into a well-organized tourist station, adorned with natural beauty, a rail track, and a garden.

We were all amazed to visit Batasia Loop, impressed by its well-planned structure and design, as well as the breathtaking scenic beauty it offered. The combination of the railway track and the beautiful garden made it a delightful and picturesque destination for all of us to enjoy.

Upon reaching Batasia Loop, we were captivated by its stunning beauty and were greeted by local people dressed in their traditional attire, adding a cultural touch to the experience. The presence of a toy train line added to the charm, and we couldn’t resist taking pictures on the train tracks, savoring the moment and immersing ourselves in the pristine beauty of nature.

We thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent view of Batasia Loop, and along with this visit, we also took a few minutes to explore Ghoom Monastery (Samten Choling). Since it was on the way to Batasia Loop and Tiger Hill, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit this spiritual and peaceful place, adding another layer of serenity to our trip.

(Samten Choling Monastery, Ghum)

Samten Choling Monastery, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, is situated in Ghum, a small settlement near Darjeeling in West Bengal, India. Founded in 1915 by Lama Sherab Gyatso, a student of the renowned Tibetan lama Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche, the monastery’s main attraction lies in its stunning and intricate architecture.

The monastery’s traditional Tibetan construction is highlighted by vibrant prayer flags fluttering in the breeze and stone steps leading up to the main temple. Inside the temple, visitors can behold a large statue of Buddha along with smaller representations of other Buddhist deities.

An important feature of Samten Choling Monastery is its vast library, housing an extensive collection of Buddhist literature and scriptures. Many of the manuscripts in this library are ancient and rare, dating back hundreds of years, adding to the historical and cultural significance of the monastery.

Darjeeling Rangeet Valley Ropeway

Then we left for Rangeet Valley Ropeway at 12:50. Upon arrival, we noticed that there was a “no ticket, no entry” situation. Instantly, we took a tea break, and by then, we had already booked our tickets.

The Rangeet Valley of Darjeeling Ropeway, commonly referred to as the “Darjeeling ropeway,” is a cable car system used for transportation in the Indian town of Darjeeling, situated in the state of West Bengal. The ropeway spans 8 kilometers and connects Darjeeling with Singla Bazaar in the River Rangeet valley.

While queuing up for tickets, we had our lunch at a local Maggi and Momo stall. After waiting in line for a long time, we finally got a chance to board the cable car. The cable car took us on a mesmerizing journey over the tea plantations and into the clouds, where we witnessed some beautiful moments and breathtaking views.

We enjoyed the cable car journey for a total of 45 minutes. During this time, we felt thrilled, nervous, and ultimately excited. The journey was not only smooth but also an extraordinary experience as it offered a wide view that unfolded right in front of our eyes. It was simply mind-blowing, leaving us in awe of the breathtaking scenery we witnessed throughout the ride. Simply – it was mind blowing!

Darjeeling with the World’s Finest Tea and the Lucrative Tea Estate

It was finally time to visit the Tea Gardens of Darjeeling. As we ascended through the altitudes, we relished the trip along the winding lanes, surrounded by lush scenery.

We traveled on pleasant roads that led us to vast tea gardens resembling heaven on Earth. The hilly region welcomed us with a relaxing ambiance, showcasing exquisite tea plantations, evergreen hill ranges, and other natural treasures created by nature.

In India’s West Bengal region, the Darjeeling tea gardens produce premium tea with a distinctive flavor. The high altitude regions of the Himalayas, where the tea is grown, are known for their breathtaking beauty and have a long history dating back to the 19th century.

While touring the tea estate, we forgot about the busy pace of city life. It was a beautiful setting, with mist-covered hills and pristine mountain streams, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Darjeeling Peace Pagoda

We reached the Darjeeling Peace Pagoda at 5 p.m. It is a Buddhist Pagoda, renowned for its unique and mind-blowing structure. We all visited and admired the overall view of this magnificent site. It attracts many tourists, not only for religious purposes but also for its significance in tourism. The unique color combination adds to its distinctive charm.

Beside the Peace Pagoda, we encountered numerous towering Palm Trees, standing smartly and enhancing the beauty of the surroundings. They serve as emblems of time, and their presence amazed us. Additionally, we were delighted to see the pine trees, which added to the enchanting scenery of the area.

(Darjeeling Peace Pagoda)

Tenzing Rock HMI

After visiting the Darjeeling Peace Pagoda, we proceeded to Rock HMI, but there wasn’t much to see. However, everyone made the most of the visit by purchasing a lot of tea leaves from the rock markets and tea stalls there.

To add some excitement, some of our adventurous team members decided to challenge each other to climb using ropes to reach the top. This impromptu challenge instantly lifted the team’s spirits, and everyone eagerly watched to see who would be the first to successfully climb to the top. Though not everyone succeeded, the adventurous and competitive atmosphere brought real excitement and thrill to the entire team.

(Two Adventurous Souls Trying to Climb Up)

After spending some time at Rock HMI, we returned to the hotel to freshen up and take some rest. Later, at 10.30 pm, we ventured out again for dinner, braving the cold and foggy night breeze. After the meal, we strolled back to the hotel to witness the enchanting night view of Darjeeling.

The trip was an amazing experience filled with great exploration and discovery. We were captivated by the rich history, captivating attractions, and mesmerizing views of Darjeeling, making it a truly unforgettable journey.

Some more snaps from our team:

The final day arrived, marking the end of our memorable trip, and it was time to return to the base to resume our regular tasks as the WordSphere (BD UNIT) Team. After a long journey and completing all the necessary immigration processes, we finally made our way back to the base. The trip had been filled with unforgettable experiences, beautiful sights, and bonding moments, making it a cherished memory for all of us. Now, with renewed energy and fond memories, we were ready to continue our work as a team.

In summary, the WordSphere (BD UNIT) expedition to Darjeeling was a transformative journey that embraced the spirit of adventure, discovery, and cultural appreciation. The awe-inspiring landscape of the region, combined with the genuine warmth of its people, left a lasting impression on the hearts of all participants. Darjeeling holds a special place in their memories, a testament to the extraordinary beauty and allure of this remarkable destination. The trip was a truly enriching experience that brought the team closer together and created cherished memories that will be cherished for years to come.

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