Smile of Africa is an initiative of John Goodnews born out of the need to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, mitigating the rate of illiteracy, mortality, and helping orphaned children, widows and widowers in Africa. The organization seeks to see African people living excellent and prosperous lives.

Enhancing dignified lives in Africa

WordSphere contributes 15% of its monthly profit to philanthropic activities. Currently it is supporting a non-governmental organisation in Africa called Smile of Africa . Smile of Africa is an initiative aimed at improving the status of living of people in Africa by providing improved health facilities, food security,  child birth and growth, education and youth empowerment among other development programs.

Our Volunteers

Nicole J. Pinto

Nicole J. Pinto is a remarkable pillar of strength and commitment at Smile of Africa.Nicole’s tireless efforts have greatly contributed to improving the lives of orphaned children, widows, and widowers, truly embodying the organization’s vision for a more prosperous and excellent life for the people of Africa.

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Elizabeth Lisa

Elizabeth Lisa is a dynamic force at Smile of Africa, passionately working to better the lives of Africa’s needy. Her contributions are vital in supporting orphaned children and empowering widows and widowers, aligning seamlessly with the organization’s vision for a flourishing Africa.

Mercie K

Mercie K. is a key catalyst for change at Smile of Africa, fervently aiding the continent’s vulnerable populations. His impactful work significantly uplifts orphaned children and supports widows and widowers, resonating deeply with the organization’s aspiration for a thriving African community.

Want to give us your Big Hand?

Just stay connected with us


Individuals and organizations that are enthusiastic about carrying this dream with us and supporting the call are highly welcome onboard. SOA is so grateful to HomeSpa-Me who have been supporting us until this far we have reached. We have been able to achieve part of our dream through their monthly support.


Smile of Africa will also be utilizing its capital and monetary assets to roll out the initiatives and begin work in the initial three location of Africa namely Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.


Our programs will be designed in a way to mobilize resources in a well planned and sustainable way. Drawing from our mission and strategic plan we will derive resources by first and foremost working out what we want to do within a particular community and how much will be needed to do it. Smile of Africa will strive to limit it’s donor dependency so as not to undermine our ability to sustain focus and build expertise in a chosen program area. While foreign grant funding will remain a vital source of support for our initiatives, we will try to tap into what communities can sacrifice for their own prosperity. Local resources may be scarce, but we will seek to generate at least part of our annual budget through membership, appeals to individuals as well as holding innovative events and earning income in some way. We believe there is much under-exploited potential.


We intend to partner with the Governments in our host countries to exploit any and all opportunities where there may be available resources which may be used to impact on the lives of the needy. Government outreach agencies have proven worthy partner in especially the fight against illiteracy and poverty in Africa.

Private individuals and companies

We intend to campaign for tax incentives in our areas of operation to encourage individual and corporate philanthropy as a means of tapping into resources such as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Peer-to-peer networks

We will organise seminars and workshops events involving some level of fee. By offering training to other like minded organizations on a sustainable basis we hope to establish in the long run a market where organizations pay for these services at affordable rates. In doing so, we will also be working with locally based trainers and partners in the organization of events so to create opportunities for locals. Campaigning for tax incentives to encourage individual and corporate philanthropy is one of the areas they intend to prioritize. Resource Alliance has provided encouragement and advice to the group throughout the two-year process of forming the Association.

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